Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's eating me?

It has been quite a long time to get me type-posting again on my blog, with all the distractions and problems came and gone, I had to keep low to settle up. And Alhamdulillah I did. And yet I got my serenity back.

Finale examination is also around the corner. It seems appear not very scary compared to the first examination we’ve been through last two years, same sphere but not the same approach. We don’t have to sit the English subject this year, and we all have been told that this Malaysian-favorite subject will be vanished forever. And the subject’s tension is once peculiar became a protest for some reason.

Meanwhile, beside the tension of the examination and the plenty of work are not done yet, the tension among the Shiite group Hizbollah and Egypt government is risen up, two week of the tension becoming hot since the critics from the Egypt’s ministers on Hizbollah politics. It was very clear the internal issues which fled up Beirut’s government seem very disturbing to this well-stubborn government.

In spite of cursing the Hizbollah for being radical, Egypt is not making any sense since the Rafah’s border strictly and hard to be accessed by either Palestinian or aid movement from all over the world. Not just that, it seemed Cairo’ meeting last month among Arab countries did not end with a very good solutions for both ‘denied-government’ Hamas and Fatah who is representing artificial-majority for now.

Frankly, I’m not backing up the Hizbollah in this hardly to understand condition whilst the investigation is still working on, but the major question is, why? Why did Hizbollah take that way. But after a few thinking I found that the decision was made maybe due to the pressure from their enemy, it is common sense, we will do anything to help our fellow brother and with this notion the operations worked as said by Hassan Nasrallah. But still lawfully their operations in Sinai are not accepted in this country. Moreover, after being caught it will be hard to Hizbollah to breath in this situation. Because the allegation they are holding up is a ‘big crime’ according to Egypt government.

We are happy to hear that in this circumstance, all the Egyptian MP agreed to say no to any subversive operation trial on Egyptian (like one of the accusation on Hizbollah but has been denied by Hassan Nasrallah). But we are happier if Egypt government ready to make a change in their policy towards Hamas. And we all know relying hope within Egypt government is not worth but we do rather hope beside do nothing.