Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Legacy and The Thing Should Be Done.

Historically, PMRAM which is stand for Persekutuan Melayu Republik Arab Mesir was really a good organization particularly when the Egypt-Israel war was blown up back there in 1973. And, as the one who responsible on students matters, provisions were initiated by PMRAM with voluntarily sending one group of students to help Egypt. Sadly, when the victory over Israel was nearly sured, Sadat called the war off.

With such good initiative made by PMRAM in that victorious years, for a good reason same thing can be done right now, right here in Cairo on 2009. But, with no move made. I really doubt the slogan "memerangi usaha untuk memecahkan kesatuan pelajar". Where is united that we said it loudly. The universal united with other Muslims, in our cherished land Palestine.

Our brothers and sisters there were slaughtered day by day. Israelis blew up their houses. And we here has done nothing accept 'qunut' and 'switch the lamp off'. Maybe, as i said before, PMRAM could come first to initiate a resolution with others students bodies such as ISMA, ABIM, AQ, HALUAN(if it exists) etc. Or more, we can also collaborate with PPMI,WEHDAH, and others various ASEAN student's organizations.

We still hoping, and we still waiting.

Zahid Naser
(Center of Islamic Political Thought and Middle Eastern Issues Studies)

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